Ko Phi Phi is one of the most popular visitor islands in Thailand. From your famous of Maya Bay (made famous by the Leonardo DiCaprio movie: The Beach) to the monkeys on the aptly known as “Monkey Beach” to the diving, nightlife, and resorts, Phi Phi is one of the biggest destinations in the united states. Destroyed by the tsunami in 2004, the island has been rebuilt and developed to a much greater scope than before. Though I’ve possessed lots of fun here, we don’t particularly like Ko Phi Phi. It’s very overdeveloped, overpriced, and the beaches are just ruined. A lot of people just come here to get together. If you stay at the resorts on the north of the island, Phi Phi is beautiful (but those places are costly). Then again, hundreds of thousands of individuals visit every year and think it’s great. So you’ll have to decide yourself but if you do visit Ko Phi Phi, here’s what to do!

Money Saving Tips
Go through the low season – If you travel during May through October, you’ll be missing the top season, and save a lot, even though you might get some rain.
Cheap refreshments at Tiger Club – Check out the Tiger Pub between midnight and 10 am for a free bucket of Sang Som whiskey, RedBull and Coke.
Drink at 7-Eleven – Beers and refreshments are heavily discounted when purchased at 7-Eleven. Buy a few beers prior to going out to the pubs and cut your night’s budget by a lot.

Eat in Tonsai – Eat in Tonsai community alternatively than on the beach, as the beachfront restaurants generally have higher charges for much the same quality of food.

Work for bars – Many pubs will provide you with free refreshments if you spend a couple of hours offering flyers because of their venue through the afternoon.
Bargain – If hiring out a long-tail sail boat, make certain to great buy with the dog owner as the prices are always up for negotiation.

Group alongside one another to charter a longboat – If you’d like to see phi phi island tours get a group alongside one another and charter a longtail fishing boat. Break up between four or even more people, and it should be cheaper than an planned tour.

Couchsurf – Nothing’s cheaper than sleeping free of charge. Couchsurfing connects you with local people who will offer you not just a free destination to stay, but also a local tour guide that can introduce you to all or any the fantastic places to see.