Chiang Mai is the greatest & most culturally significant city in north Thailand and the key bottom part of activities for some travelers who appear north.

That is one of the very most visited cities in Thailand for travelers of most types!

Whether you want to backpack Chaing Mai, visit on a budget, or enjoy the luxury hotels here, you will find Chiang Mai packed with culture, friendly local people, incredible grocery stores, dozens of beautiful temples, a relaxed vibe, beautiful panoramas. It’s even become something of the new “it” place for expats and digital nomads in the last few years.

You can find a lot of delightful Western food, cafes, and bars all around the city but, even though, the old Thai-ness of the location hasn’t gone away and a click here will leave you enamored.

Make sure to budget more time when you visit Chiang Mai and as it’s easy to get caught here. Lots of individuals plan to stay for a couple of days and wrap up keeping yourself for a couple weeks or even more! There’s just a magic to this city.

This travel guide to Chiang Mai tour can help you intend your trip, eat well, and spend less!
Other Things to discover and Do in Chiang Mai
1. Go zip lining
If you’re looking for an adrenaline hurry, go zip lining. Chiang Mai has many operators offering novice and advanced zip coating courses. The two biggest providers are Journey of the Gibbon and Eagle Trekkers.

2. Go jungle trekking
This town is the primary starting place for a variety of jungle trekking tours. I love the three-day ones the best however the much longer the tour, a lot more interesting and secluded places you visit. Be careful with whom you subscribe, as many tutorials simply walk with you and don’t let you know much about the land or wildlife. Furthermore, if you go to a tribal community, make sure the amount of money keeps with the villagers, and they aren’t being exploited, which happens a lot up here!

3. Take a baking class
Chiang Mai is the most popular devote Thailand for baking classes, offering a great variety of classes and amazing discounts. You get started your class by heading to the marketplace and learning about Thai produce before proceeding back to your kitchen to make meals a few dishes and eat a whole lot of food. Category prices range from 800-1,000 THB ($25-30 USD).

4. Eat a kantoke dinner
Experience both North Thai food and culture at exactly the same time. As of this event, site visitors are seated on to the floor around a round tray loaded with Northern food, and eat while you’re watching traditional Thai and North dances and hill tribe culture shows.

5. Cruise down the river
Cruise trip down rural Mae Ping on a two-hour voyage that will need you former beautiful scenery in the center of Chiang Mai. Enjoy the pleasant speed of the vessel. Stop to go to a local plantation and its natural herb and berry gardens – or relax and also have a Thai dinner up to speed. It costs 240 THB ($8 USD) for just one way, 450 THB ($14 USD) for a round-trip.

6. Speak to monks
Monk chats are a chance for visitors to find out about the country’s religion and culture as well as for monks an opportunity to practice English. It’s a favorite cultural activity occurring on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 1pm-3pm at Wat Dok Suthep in the town.

7. Go whitewater rafting
It’s possible to travel whitewater rafting on the Maeteng River. Rapids range from levels two to four and are in their most intense during the rainy season, August-October. Tours start at 1,800 THB ($55 USD).

8. Shop at Warorot Market
If your evenings already are fully-booked, consider visiting this popular market throughout the day. Located near to the river, it’s available daily until 6pm. This is a great place to look for clothes and get some good really cheap food.

9. Chiang Mai Zoo and Aquarium
Within the 1950 Harold Mason Young, son of American missionaries, started rescuing and looking after injured animals, and his collection began getting visitors. Hence the beginning of the zoo, when the Chiang Mai federal government donated 24 acres to assist in his work. The zoo has grown to over 200 acres now, and residences a big variety of family pets, and provides two aquariums. The marine aquarium is the largest in Asia, plus they also have one of the extremely rare huge pandas every blessed in captivity. Entrance is 500 THB ($15 USD).

10. Go to the Tribal Museum
Highlighting Thailand’s minority hill tribes, this ethnographic museum offers exhibits ranging from tribal clothing and jewelry items, videos on tribal life, and outdoor gardens modeling reconstructed tribal huts. Monthly, gleam tribal market with people providing handmade goods. Open Monday-Friday from 9am-4pm.

11. Hang out at Documentary Arts Asia
This gallery space usually brings in exhibits highlighting humanitarian and activist materials, concentrating on the plight of the Burma refugees and the minority hill tribes. If you’re seeking to inform yourself more about these efforts, this space usually is demonstrating documentaries and artwork, and offers a catalogue. It’s a great source to learn more about the historical and political contexts of the spot.

12. Climb the Bua Thong Sticky Waterfalls
While just a little beyond the town, this produces a great day trip. The falls, anticipated to the type of limestone coating the waterfall, produces an almost stickiness – allowing you to climb in the cascading normal water! You feel a lttle bit like Spiderman – not gonna rest. The stones themselves are interesting, looking a little like fluffy clouds. It’s not only a neat experience, it’s also a great work out! Load up a picnic, find a spot, and “keep” around for lunch time.