What if your job wasn’t tethered to a desk or a period clock? For an increasing number of individuals, the rise of telecommuting – working for an workplace, but typically working offsite instead of at a workplace or cubicle in an office – presents an attractive option. It’s not simply for freelancers any longer. Increasingly, businesses are offering either partial or full-time telecommuting with their employees, whether they’re writers, designers, accountants, or salespeople. As Forbes bluntly stated it, Telecommuting May be the Future of Work.

Against that backdrop, how can a telecommuter carve out a feeling of balance and sanity? One answer could be as close as the nearest restaurant. Benefits include:

Fewer Distractions: Initially, this would seem to be to make no sense whatsoever. Coffee shop tend to be bustling and noisy. Believe it or not, everything that activity helps rather than hinders. The low-level hum of all that chatter helps to shut out other track record noise, and unlike a radio, tv set, or your Music player, there’s less temptation to drop what you’re doing to pay attention to another thing, whether it’s a news report, a plot twist, or a tune you haven’t read in ages.

A BIG CHANGE in Landscape: Let’s face it, the wall surfaces of your home office (or living room, breakfast nook, or wherever else you typically setup at home) get somewhat dull after some time. Getting away from your common space – and the usual routine that complements it – retains you energized, and can be a huge help in getting those creative juices streaming.

Socialization: There’s often no chance around the actual fact that working at home can often be a bit like solitary confinement. There’s no talk around the drinking water cooler or over lunch (we doubt if your cat’s heading to acquire much to state about the latest story twist on Game of Thrones), no winding down at happy hour after work (dogs and martinis don’t combine). A little bit of idle chatter with strangers, or the other regulars, moves a long way toward staving off isolation.

Collaboration: Those chance meetings have another profit. In the end, you’re often reaching people in the same circumstances as you, so it’s an ideal environment for swapping leads, advice, and strategies. And if you’re trapped on a particularly challenging work concern, it never hurts to obtain a second opinion or another group of eyeballs onto it. That’s much harder to do when you’re working from home.

Caffeine containing drinks: The free move of coffee can help to keep you alert and keep your energy up, which is often especially helpful when you’re decreasing the home stretch out of an extended or difficult project.