Bhutan is the house of the gold monkeys, a perfect trekking destination, a booked place filled with Duong’ and historical ruins, and celebrates festivals.

Interesting Facts About Bhutan

Bhutan is situated between the southern borders of China and northern boundaries of India from the southern Himalayas. Also popularly called the Land of the Thunder Dragon, Bhutan provides an enticing and inquisitive travel experience for vacationers.

Even though the government employs an extremely careful approach in its tourism business, tourists appear to increase in number each year. Keep reading to understand what makes Bhutan an intriguing spot to visit for your next traveling experience.

House of the gold monkeys

Golden Langur monkeys are among the most well-known beaches in Bhutan Bhutanese Adventure Tour. Its creamy and golden-white fur makes it an appealing sight-seeing addition on hiking and driving excursions around Bhutan. Golden monkeys are categorized as endangered species.

Valley and mountain biking

Bhutan can also be a sanctuary for hiking and mountain climbing. It is possible to locate the great Lunana summit in the northern portion of Bhutan for largely extreme climbing and trekking. Moving around different cities and towns in Bhutan will ask that you climb and push along steep streets.

Since 90 percent of the people’s livelihood is on agriculture, medium walkers may delight in the scenic view of rice paddies and mountain ranges. 1 interesting summit to see is your Chomolhari Mountain that provides an enticing mountain biking adventure. It’s Bhutan’s sacred mountain across the boundaries of Tibet.

Dzong and historical ruins

A high number of mysterious and historic ancient ruins are a curious truth about Bhutan. The nation is full of quite a range of Dzong that homes Buddhist monks and magnificent Buddha statues. Wangdiphodrang Dzong, Tiger’s Nest, Trongsa Dzong are only a few areas to mention that may give a special and distinct archeological grasp that just Bhutan can provide.

It’s also fantastic to have the famed Bhutan stamps as a remembrance of those renowned Buddhist temples. Monks and big Buddha statues additionally add to Bhutan’s mysterious charm.


The festivals reflect vibrant masks along with the wealthy Bhutan culture. Dances are performed from the Buddhist monks to guard the slopes and ward off bad spirits. Colorful clothing and pieces of jewelry are often flaunted during carnivals. Buddhist festivals would be the time for its conserved religious Buddhist lovers to celebrate and interact.